Hedge Funds and Energy Trading

As hedge funds look to enter or expand their footprint in energy and environmental trading, the team at Orchestrade explore the opportunities presented by energy transition, structural changes and the technology needs

Discover how the Orchestrade ETRM platform enables businesses to scale and evolve quickly in the ever-changing energy landscape, while also delivering a significantly lower cost of implementation, upgrades and ongoing operations.

How Hedge Funds can benefit from the evolving energy market and the challenges this presents. The opportunities presented by the creation of new markets, volatility, and the impact on the wider commodity space from energy transition.

Diversification into energy trading has specific challenges. Along with a war for talent, there needs to be the right technology. The complexity of energy contracts can’t be handled by generic legacy systems.

When Hedge Funds look to trade across markets and across assets, they face new challenges. The need to support change and complexity, and understand risk across a diversified portfolio and seamlessly integrate energy into their existing operations.

A modern cloud hosted platform, capable of handling complex products as standard with deep cross-asset trading and risk management. With the ability to manage FX and handle interest rates derivatives within a single ETRM.

How can energy traders benefit from broader capital-markets technological developments. The capability to handle volumes, risk requirements, and real time P&L reporting that Energy traders need to be effective and remove the barriers to growth.

Hedge Funds need to handle front to back workflows across the whole trade lifecycle, at scale and in a robust manner. How do they manage cross-asset operations across multiple trading strategies, managed accounts, management reporting needs.

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